Модели XXS снова в моде, превращение худышки в сочную красавицу.

Модели XXS снова в моде, превращение худышки в сочную красавицу.

Бодипозитив становится всё популярнее и разрывает все навязанные шаблоны красоты. Это очень хорошая тенденция для женщин, потому что можно перестать комплексовать по поводу своих особенных параметров и черт лица.

Наглядный пример принятия себя демонстрирует Искра Лоуренс, бывшая модель. Свою историю внешнего и внутреннего преображения она рассказала в ходе Национальной недели осведомленности о расстройствах пищевого поведения.

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Both of these images are of me. The left is about 10years ago. And the right just under a month ago. I remember being proud of how skinny I looked during this shoot. And how now people call me fat when I’m just happy to be alive and grateful for this body I call my home. I used to seek approval from the fashion industry and tried to be “perfect”. I thought if I looked like “her” (an unrealistic beauty ideal), I’d be happy, successful and loved. All I found was failure (because you can’t change who you are) emptiness (because my time and energy was being used up trying to achieve something completely self absorbed and shallow sacrificing doing things I loved) and unhappiness (because no restrictive diet or abusive exercise feels good) I share my experiences with you all because if you are feeling like I did there is another way and those recovering from EDs you’re not alone. The best thing I ever did was focus on looking after myself and being the best me I could be. Seeing value in who I was. The impact I could have in the world and people around me. Trying to give, instead of focusing on myself, my image and needing approval from others. And accepting that I am meant to be here just like you, and we were all created to be imperfectly perfect. I started Investing time into self-care, doing things that made me happy. Listening to my body and mind and nourishing them both, without guilt. That is 10years all squished into a lil insta caption but it did take time but it was soooo damn worth it. Because of what I went through My dream has always been to get self-care (mental, emotional and physical wellness) education into schools. And I’ve started that, but I also wanted to create something for adults that still needed a safe space that’s judgement free to go on a positive journey of self love and that’s why I created @everyBODYwithiskra I don’t have all the answers and I’m not ever trying to change anyone or tell people to do this and that etc. But I felt the need to create this as I wish I could have had this when I was struggling and if I’m able to use that to help even one person even better. If you’re triggered by this post please contact @neda ❤️

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Чтобы соответствовать стандартам модельного бизнеса девушка очень строго следила за своим весом, внешним видом. От постоянных диет у нее была слабость, кружилась голова, появились проблемы со зрением. Но она продолжала игнорировать сигналы своего организма, и при этом все время была недовольна тем, что несовершенна.

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It’s still an internal struggle to post absolutely everything. I felt like a mess, and felt like I looked a mess and my emotions were shook after something that happened yesterday and a combination of other personal issues that I think lead to this emotional breakdown. ? I try and commit to showing you ALL the realness, even though I do feel more comfortable posting the “best bits” which there is nothing wrong with but I’m hoping this post can make at least one person feel better with not being OK. ? I took this pic and wanted to post it because Instagram can be completely unrelatable, overwhelming, triggering and even damaging for our mental health. ? Don’t ever compare your happiness, confidence, body, beauty, relationships, success or life to ANYONE online. Many people are struggling with their own issues privately or publicly and no one has to share online or post things they aren’t comfortable with. ? To myself I want to be honest, I want to accept myself in all of my emotions and I know it’s OK to cry. I am gentle on myself and practise self care. I’ve surrounded myself with family, friends and faith so I know I’m supported and loved no matter what and I’m beyond grateful to have that. ? So shoutout to all my people going through something, I see you and I’m sending you my love and a huge hug. ? To anyone who has my number please don’t text I’m fine now and will explain when I see you what happened, and I’m grateful I had the opportunity to share this with you all when I was upset and not 100% or all smiles like I usually am. PS feel free to post a crying selfie and tag me I know I’m not alone but can’t remember the last time I saw a photo like this on the gram??‍♀️ ? #cryingcusimhuman #nomakeup #Fyourfacetune #itsOKtonotbeOK #cryingdoesnotmakeyouweak #mentalhealthawareness #realstaGram

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Неизвестно, чем бы закончилось все, если бы в один момент Искра не осознала, что у нее развивается телесная дисморфия — психическое расстройство, при котором человек чрезмерно обеспокоен и занят незначительным дефектом или особенностью своего тела.Тогда она прекратила все диеты, ослабила все ограничения, наносившие вред здоровью.

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Freezing my ?? off pre @cinqasept show @nyfw ✨ Styled by ? @scotlouie Wearing: Jumpsuit @cinqasept Coat #fendi Boots #aldo . . . #nyfw #style #streetstyle #pink #denim #ootd #cinqasept

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Бывшая худая модель превратилась в сочную красавицу, полюбила себя в новом образе, чувствует себя привлекательной, как никогда:

«Теперь я знаю, что мое тело — оно только мое и оно совершенно несовершенно, и как мой дом его нужно беречь».

Сейчас Искра не редактирует фото с целлюлитом и показывает себя исключительно такой, какая она есть, вдохновляя девушек любить себя.

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Hey body parts, I know in the past we didn't understand or love each other but please forgive me. I was brainwashed by societal ideals and the medias expectations of perfection. When I looked at you all I saw was the imperfections I had been taught to see, using descriptors of shame and hate because that's what I read and heard other women say to themselves. How was I meant to love my cellulite?⚡️?veins , breakouts or fat when I'd been told these things were "problem areas", "flaws" and things to be ashamed of. Well don't worry body cuz I see through all that BS ?now. And I see you for all that you do for me, you're my Hero. Without you I'd have no home, no identity, no vessel to live out this beautiful life in. So thank you for being imperfectly perfect, one of a kind and all mine. —— #workingwithglossier #andlovingit thank u for this magical glowy lotion @glossier making #BodyHero such an empowering campaign? #nomorebodyBS #noretouching #nophotoshop #ourbodiesourmagical —— Ps I am fully aware of my many privileges, and yes models have eating disorders, body image issues and insecurities many humans do because of diet culture. EDs and mental health do NOT discriminate. Anyway who is still struggling you are not alone please contact @neda they have a helpline and also online screen toppings x

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Своей историей делится для того, чтобы как можно больше людей осознали свою неповторимость и ценность, отказались от изнуряющих диет, пока дело не дошло до расстройств пищевого поведения.

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Two on my fave moments from last fashion month… ready for some more looks? #stylehasnosize Thank you @aimedean and @scotlouie for helping me get dressed and literally banging down doors to get my size? . . . #ootd #style #fashion #curvyfashion #balmain #yproject #paris #nyfw

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А вам Искра в каком образе больше нравится: худой модели или приятной пышечки?

Модели XXS снова в моде, превращение худышки в сочную красавицу.
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